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instagram's spotlight is a unique, AI-driven marketing tool that helps fashion brands increase e-commerce sales and brand awareness on Instagram

01 - User tags


If Instagram users see any photo of outfits they like, they could tag your brand or in Instagram's comments section to get recommendations.


AI-DRIVEN visual search is triggered works behind the scenes and finds the closet matching products for the outfit from your brand's product catalog.

03 - personalized recommendation

The perfect content is delivered to users

A personalized web page (or Instagram story) is then made featuring your brand's item-for-item match of the outfit, and the user is notified. All shopping links are provided, making it easy for them to purchase these exact items from your e-commerce site.

delight customers

Loyal customers get outfits they love from their favourite brand. Other Instagrammers become loyal simply because the tool brings new value. Both get to shop and interact with your brand in a fun, social environment.

new growth lever

Instagram is a mature platform for marketers, but allows you  to surface above the marketing noise, and provide users with true value by connecting them with the latest AI technology.

sell product

As much of 72% of users have made a purchase after being influenced by an Instagram post. is always used at high intent moments - when a post inspires an outfit idea. Deliver exactly what they want as a shopper, with multiple items, and easy next steps 

repeatable process

Engagement is easy to spark. Promote the outfit tagging tool through email or Instagram ads, measure success metrics, and implement a repeatable process.

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